Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Adventure Weekend Ahead...

So I am super excited about our weekend plans. Heading north about 2 hours to Cocoa Beach for the Second Annual SFA Event and staying the weekend. I am broke as a joke, but this is the one thing these guys REALLY love to do and they have worked hard all summer with therapy so I decided to throw it on the Visa and think about it when the bill comes :) A few of my friends from here are going up too so it should be a great weekend! The hotel is right on the beach and has a big pirate ship in the middle of the kids pool...they are going to FLIP OUT!! Surfing AND pirate ships??? What else could they want?

I am a little worried about the rain in the forecast, but Mother Nature really watches out for SFA...seriously. There have been numerous events that should have been rained out and not a drop! Good things happen to good people...

The funny part is I feel like I am packing to camping for a month! Not only do I need the extra stuff that comes with two kids (toys, DVD players, toys, diapers, plenty of clothes, and did I mention toys?) I have to pack provisions for the weekend. That means three meals plus snacks for two kids over a weekend. I even bought a cheap toaster oven so I could cook their stuff in the room! Upgraded to the "Kids Suite" that has a fridge/microwave and a separate area with its own TV and bunk beds. We are going to look like we are moving in LOL.

So I will update everyone on how it went...wish me luck :)


  1. LOL....I hope you have a great time Kelly and remember, money comes and goes (mostly goes these days, but that is another story) but these memories will last you a lifetime! 10 years from now all you will remember is the look on their faces when they see that pirate ship ;) I do sympathize, when I traveled with Ian when he was younger, I had to bring a suitcases of his toys/stuff because I wouldn't think of leaving it behind :) Have a great weekend and I am sure Mother Nature will be kind!

  2. you will do great! as you always do. I wish I was there to help but we have Disney to look forward to. Please take loads of pictures if you can.

    enjoy!! xoxoxo

  3. Hope you guys had a great time! Have to go check out FB to see if you posted any pics - want to see shots of the boys and this pirate ship :)