Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why do they make everything such a damn fight?

You know, I really could scream most of the time. Sometimes I think that the only reason Autism Moms don't crack up is because subconsciously we know that if we did, who the hell would take care of our kids! My frustration is not with my children, but with the red tape and bureaucratic bullshit that you have to go through. Jumping through hoops, begging and scrambling for services that these kids this shit isn't hard enough!!

Insurance companies, government, and big pHarma should be ashamed of themselves. We have an epidemic of disastrous proportion happening right now! One in 91 makes me sick just typing that! The other day I heard a news report that obesity in this country was an "epidemic" and government is scrambling to address the issue. REALLY??? I'm sorry if this offends people(but you know me) but obesity in this country should not be top priority. Stop eating McDonalds and drinking cokes, get out and go for a walk. Autism is the real epidemic and no one wants to help.

I just got off the phone with my insurance for the kids trying to get ABA Therapy for them. The woman told me "Autism, PDD, and Mental Retardation are not covered" WHAT??? Are you fucking serious!?!?! Gastric bypass, viagra, and boob jobs can be covered by insurance and they won't give these kids the treatment they need and deserve? It is a friggin' disgrace. They can provide me with a psychologist for them though. Really, thanks but a shrink is not going to help my kids, especially since they can't tell you what is going on with them. The don't need a shrink! I need their medical conditions to be addresses. I need HBOT. I need ABA to help them learn to handle their environment better and not hurt themselves. I need help paying for their specialized diets and supplements! Life every day with autism is hard enough, why does getting them the help they need have to be so hard too??

I will take the insurance company up on that shrink...I think I may need one! Oh wait, I don't have time for couch sessions...I have children I am trying to heal!!

When will people wake the hell up and realize if we don't take care of these kids now, they will be a drain on "the system" in adulthood. Nothing like a little pro activity.

Thanks for nothing!! So glad that I am a tax paying citizen, look what it gets you?

God Bless America...or should I say, God HELP America :-/


  1. ok, who is your insurance? I know every state is different, but I did go to a seminar called, "how to get insurance to pay for autism treatments" and it was really only ABA. I will gladly help you. of course. I know this isnt an option, but I do know several families here in my taca group that moved to california simply because 3 years of aba is provided by the state in addition to social skills groups and respite. there is still a shit load of red tape but now that you know me, I have already cut through it and have helped several other families get their services in a month. This might make you sick, but we just got the annual report of services paid from the state of california to vendors for Julius from 2009 to 2009 and for early intervention, floor time, speech, ot, hanen parent training for me, an intensive 8-12 program from age 2-3, respite, and marriage counseling, they paid nearly 80K for Julius. I was shocked, this is a new law that they tell us how much our son, the consumer is using in tax payer money. It was ironic because we got our state income tax bill the same day as the letter came with a 10 dollar penalty for not paying in April. I wasn't so pissed about paying taxes, but I am pissed other places don't give their kids help. That figure doesnt even cover ABA yet. It did cover 399.99 to get the diagnosis from a state psychologist (which allowed us services after age 3).
    I know this sucks, but get the denial in writing, and appeal on the basis of discrimination if moving to CA is not an option! LOL. lmk how I Can help. Maybe we can split a huge house with two master suites.

  2. HAHA...with this info plus the fact that Irvine is like the BioMed Mecca of the world, Cali is sounding like paradise right now LOL. We will chat about my impending battle :) TTYL