Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why can't we all just get along???

I felt the need to blog about this. It may not be relevant to some readers, but I think it just goes to show the mentality of some folks that we share this world with.

Over the past few months, I have made a bunch of Facebook friends with some incredible men and women dealing with Autism in their lives. I "met" a lot of them in the chat room for the AutismOne conference. We sat in our respective homes, in different cities, states, and countries all logged on to learn what we could since we couldn't attend the Chicago event. While watching, listening to incredible speakers,and learning new information, we chatted about the topics, our kids, and our world of Autism. Many of us added each other on FB. I am so happy to have "met" these folks. We share information, give support, and provide some much needed comic relief to this sometimes crazy world we live in.

I have met folks from Canada, Europe, and Australia. Parents from California, New York, and everywhere in between. All different in so many aspects, yet all the same in the fact we are live with autism everyday.

I am proud too "know" so many of these folks...some true "celebrities" in the community. Kim Stagliano, Curt Linderman, and the one and only "Tanner's Dad" to name a few:) I have met a few that I wish lived closer so we could hang out...truly great folks!! Warrior Parents who won't take no for an answer.

Over the past few days, I have seen numerous posts about people harassing, stalking, starting fights, and even creating fake profiles to mess with people. SERIOUSLY??!!?? REALLY?? I use FB to vent, check in with folks, and share info. If you have time to harass and stalk, you have too much damn time on your hands. Here's an idea! Take your kids outside, go build blocks with them, ride a bike, or read a book. My peeps don't have time for this cyber high school bullshit, we have children we are trying to heal! We are struggling to keep families together, pay bills, fight insurance companies, prevent meltdowns, stay pseudo-sane, and clean up shit...literally! If we can't be united in this front, regardless of our beliefs, then you aren't fighting in my battle and you are certainly not on my team. I have not had any issues personally but I see some folks really getting put through the ringer and it is bullshit!

I don't agree with everything everyone says, but we can agree to disagree...this is the beauty of human intellect! So, to anyone who doesn't agree with my views, language, politics, or religious beliefs and simply can't accept them...the remove button is on the lower left had of my wall...feel free to use it. And when you are done with that, go kick rocks.....


  1. Bonnie Peters "Warrior GMa"July 11, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    good for you small minds that have time to do this type of bullshit need to ponder their future from the top of a HIGH BRIDGE if you get my drift! I goes to my current thought process; "If you cannot add anything to my life of those I love then step he fuck off":

  2. Agreed Sista! It's sad how people will try to tear you down as you travel this journey. I've had a local elementary school principal blog nasty crap about me and one of my bridesmaids won't add me on FB over AUTISM! If my kid had cancer, would people be more kind? I BET THEY WOULD! But through it all, they can all SUCK IT (thx Sue Backer) because my kid is going to have a great life...and that's what matters. So glad to be one of the moms who found you on the A1 chat! xo