Monday, July 19, 2010

I Must Confess....

OK, this may sound horrible to some, but to those that know me, you can understand because you know what a weirdo I can be about stuff.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am a real foodie. I was partners in a restaurant and did menu planning and cooking for special events/parties. I love nothing more than a fantastic meal with good wine, decadent dessert and delicious coffee.

I don't consider myself a bad eater. I hardly EVER eat fast food anymore. I love fruits and veggies of all kinds (except water chestnuts). Average meals are protein, tons of veggies, and a starch. I don't really drink soda, and if I do it is ginger ale. I do, however, drink a ton of coffee and have a sweet tooth, especially for good Tira Misu ;)

I also am a bit weird about food, too. Food carts can make me nauseous. I very rarely eat leftovers. I'm fanatical about expiration dates. I don't do restaurant buffets, and rarely do salad bars. I typically don't eat at "Pot Lucks" if I don't know the person or kitchen it came from. I can be weird about what I eat...

This leads to my confession. The boys have been GF/CF since November 2009, but we tried for a few months back in the beginning of 2008. I have never tasted a morsel of the things they eat :-( I Just can't bring myself to do it! It is "weird food" to me. The bread sucks, the cheese is horrible, and for the most part, it's completely unappealing to me. Does this make me a bad Mother? Is it really wrong? I feel so bad about it and know that the stuff they eat is so much better for them but I just can't do it.

I hate that they miss out on the good stuff. I have found things that they love and I am so glad about that, but it just kinda sucks. They won't eat what I cook and want to eat what they can't have, and so we settle half the land of chicken nuggets, fries, pizza, waffles, cereal, pretzles, chips, and "Mocklate" bars...all GF/CF and mostly SF :-/ I dream of the day that they eat veggies, a nice grilled protien, and a day <3

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  1. Stop beating yourself up my dear - at least the boys are eating and there will be a time when you'll get them to eat some veggies!!!