Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reporting Live From The Scene of A Bio-Medical Intervention...

At times, I feel like a mad scientist. Hunched over sippy cups so they can't see me...adding a powders and liquids to juice, hoping that they can't smell/see/sense the stuff in there. These kids have the noses to be world renouned sommeliers ;) We have been GF/CF since November 2009, working in probiotics soon after. In May 2010, finally found a way to sneek Omegas. Jack takes a bunch of gummy vitamins and fiber...Owen won't. He puts them in his mouth, gets them wet and spits them out. I usually find them in his hair requiring a "snizzors" (as Onie calls them). We use melatonin to get to sleep and honestly i don't know where I would be if I hadn't discovered it. step, Methyl B12 with folinic acid and N-Acetyl Cysteine. The mission began to find a local pharmacy to compound it into a liquid. Finally find one but the pharmacist tells me, "Oh you can't mix this with juice, they have to take it orally." What?? Excuse Me?? Ummm, OK if you say so...I can't do this, right?
I'm a Mom who spent ten months having to administer suppositories every few days so the kid wouldn't explode, this B12 will be a piece of cake....Right??

WRONG!!! Complete traumatic nightmare for all three of us involved. B12 is red, so combined with the spit and fighting me to get away, it looked like there was a crime scene in my bathroom every morning. Not a good way to start the day... option, the shots. If they were diabetic, I would give them insulin so if this helps them, I gotta do it. Yesterday was their first dose. They ran around like maniacs for almost an hour and then, out of nowhere, they sat at the table and started to play with Toy Story figures...TOGETHER! Most of their play happens next to each other, but rarely is it real, genuine play WITH eachother. Their interactions are mostly physical...running, jumping, fighting ;) Talking, moving figures, acting out a scene (from Spongebob but WHATEVER!). I didn't make a peep, afraid I would rattle the energy and send them off to their own spaces. This went on for close to 15 minutes.

So, do I chalk it up to the B12?? I know it takes more than one, but maybe this is a good sign. They felt a little better. That is all I want...I just want them to feel a shot in the ass every few nights it it :)

Funny, some people critize the shots. I say, it's vitamins...can't hurt them as bad as the ones that did this to them....