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Sunday, August 8, 2010

SFA Cocoa Beach Adventure...

Well, I have fallen off the blog scene in the past few weeks, so today I play a little catch up :)

SFA Cocoa beach was fun! I got to hang with some cool Moms and the kids had fun, although they hardly surfer...they were OBSESSED with the hotel's Pirate Pool. I decided to pick my battles and skip the waves...it was their weekend and if they wanted to run around in two feet of water all day, so be it!

Funny story, they played Friday night until about 10:30 pm, woke up the next morning begging for the pool. We hit the beach, they pouted, and I gave in. We headed back to the pool to find it closed!! OMG...EMERGENCY!!! I called and started to complain to the front desk and found out that someone pooped in the kiddie pool the night before (as they are pumping that water into the pool right where our kids were playing....) EWWWWWW!!! As this is happening, there is a mass baptism of about 50 people in blue tshirts occurring in the hotel pool...seriously?? You can't write this shit ;)

Aside from all of this, we had a blast!! Hung out with great people, had some drinks and laughs, and made some good memories <3 SFA pulled off another stellar event xoxo

I found out a week later that I have a fairy godmother that called ahead and treated us to our room!! I have since found out who it was, and a million thanks to that great gal!! What a wonderful surprise <3

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  1. LOL so you found out huh!! Glad you had a good weekend and glad you have a fairy godmother :)