Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting Away Is Always Bitter Sweet...

I know I am not the only one that experiences this battle of feelings. When I am going through the motions of every day, I look forward to my chance to get away. When it happens, I miss them terribly and feel so bad....

Got a chance to go to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL with a few girlfriends this week. I was looking forward to it for months. My mom got into town and off I went, only to feel so bad while I was gone. My guys can be tough, and spent the days testing limits and hazing poor Grandma. I was hoping to hit big and be able to send her away to the Bahamas for a few days to recooperate ;) I am so grateful to have her here and get these chances to escape reality for a few days...

I had a blast! Relaxed by the pool, played cards until the wee hours of the morning, ate & drank for free and won enough money to fund the whole trip! To me, that is a win!! If you can leave a casino after three days completely even, you won big!! I took pics of every guitar, hat, shoe, and outfit in the place! A music junkie's paradise!! Where else can you get in the elevator and hear Soundgarden?? We also met Ponch AKA Erik Estrada :) Still looks good for being 61!

All in all, a great time. I missed they boys terribly but am already looking forward to the next chance I can sneek away ;) Vicious cycle.....


  1. Glad you did manage to get away Kelly, getting a different view of the world aside from autism is neccessary sometimes. This autism trap is so draining often because of our intense love for our kids. You missed your babies, its only natural and I'm sure your Mom did a fantastic job - Go Grandma! Now at least she can have a bit of R&R....before the next time ;)

  2. While they do test they are also very funny. The trip to Dr. Marty was no problem but they were bribed. After an hour in the toy aisle I was done. My trial was not the boys but the huge mistake I made. was going to the dreaded CHUCKY CHEESE. With 3 daycamps there at the sametime I could have use. d some liquid therapy. The fellas saved me from myself. Take an escape when you can you deserve it!! X0

  3. You are more than deserving of a get away and I agree, that is a great one! As for the whole, "I pack my bags and go on a guilt trip," well, I totally understand that one.

    Julius has been going to grandma's for three Fridays now, and this last one, we did nothing. It is so refreshing to be able to do your own thing, guilt free, because you are recharging and bringing something positive back to their care. Especially when you are a single parent. Repeat after me, "I, Kelly, Mom Extraordinaire, Will NOT feel guilty about doing me." hahahaha

    I am super stoked you had a blast. I love playing cards. :) Maybe we can meet at the Hard Rock, Las Vegas. Love that place.

  4. congrats on breaking even - that's a win in my book too! of course you feel guilty - and you would no matter how much everyone tells you not to and you tell yourself - that's just how it goes. But I am glad it didn't stop you because it is worth it. You do need time away to recharge - it will only make you a better momma. So glad your momma could be there to help out - she rocks too!!