Thursday, January 13, 2011

They Gave Galileo A World of Shit, too....

I've been slacking on the blog, to say the least. Last post August. I'm going to try and be better about it. Life happens ;)

That said, I felt like logging in today to reflect on something I experienced last night. The past week has been rough. If you haven't heard, vaccines don't cause Autism! They are totally safe!! Anderson Cooper and CNN said so! Isn't that great news?? Hmmmm....ya don't say???

Bullshit. Pure and simple. I believe Dr. Wakefield and stand by him 110%. And I'm not the only one. There is an army of doctors, researchers, and parents who believe him to. To see the list of studies that back up Dr. Wakefield's findings see here ( He has lost everything because of this...his country, his medical license to practice, his job, and his good name. Dr. Wakefield has no children with Autism. He could have walked away from this shit a long time ago. But he didn't. He won't. Because it is the right thing to do. I have had the opportunity to meet the man himself on a few occasions and really talk with him. Not a quick handshake and photo op. Really talk. He is an incredible man. He will be vindicated of this. The Truth can't be hidden forever. To read Dr. Wakefield's statement on recent claims, see here (

Soooooo.....last night there was a Town Hall Lecture in Tradition (a town in the county north of me) given by one of the local pediatricians and a researcher entitled "Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Or Just Fear?" Brought to you by Martin Memorial Health Systems and the Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida. Yeah, I already know what I'm in for on this one. We actually heard about it a few weeks back, before the most recent wave of Wakefield bashing, and I was worried about going and then needing bail money. After this week's media assault, I knew it would be a Big Pharma pep rally, but my friends and I decided we would go. We had to go.

It was EXACTLY what we had expected. The majority of the audience were obviously VGTI employees. Patting each other on the back and pulling each other's peckers. They even served food and drinks. No Kool-Aid for me, thanks. I'll have a Heineken Light bottle.

We sat through slides and presentations by Dr. Rafick-Pierre Sékaly, co-director and scientific director of VGTI Florida and Dr. Michael Jampol, a local pediatrician. Each one made my blood boil a bit more. It killed me to sit there and listen to the bullshit (I'm allergic, ya know). Comments included "ignorant", "uneducated", "attending The Jenny McCarthy School of Google", as well as making snide comments about Great Plains Laboratory.

As soon as we questioned the presentation, Dr. Jampol cuts me off and says, "Well obviously you have your mind made up on this issue" with a smug ass attitude. I snapped back, "As do you!" No sooner, they had to wrap it up. Of course they did....

We spoke to a woman from a local paper and made our point. We are not psycho anti-vaxers. We are not ignorant or uneducated. We want a "Safety First" protocol when it comes to vaccinating OUR children. Clean that shit up and spread them out. Too much, too soon. It is NOT a one size fits all scenario. The studies HAVE been replicated. These children are in fact, sick. Not sick from a "psychiatric disorder" according to the DSM. They are suffering from gut inflammation, oxidative stress, food absorption issues, allergies, seizures, and a host of other ailments that are going ignored by mainstream medicine.

If you don't listen to us when we shout, we will shout louder.

"These children aren't going away. Their parents are not going away. And I'm not going away" AJW


  1. You are an inspirational woman. Well said!!!

  2. LOVE IT KELLY!!! I'm so glad I was there to support you guys last night!! You guys are my heroes! love you, mean it! <3

  3. AMEN SISTER!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  4. SO GOOD KELLY! It's what we have to do. You are a hero. xoxo

  5. xo - shout it loud, shout it proud. And you might save a family