Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Sorority I Didn't Pledge...

As many of you may imagine, I wasn't into the whole sorority thing in college. "Pledging" was not my cup of tea. I have friends that did it, and we hung out with some fraternity guys (they had the best parties!) but never once did I have a desire to belong to one. To each her own...

I do however, have a small circle of girls that are my sisters. A Fabulous Foursome. Suzanne, Claire, Denise, and myself were inseparable. WE HAD THE BEST TIMES!!! From simply taking drives around the neighborhood listening to the radio, late nights trips to Dunkin' Donuts/Walgreen's to get a coffee and buy a ton of crap we didn't need just because. We were the Concert Crew!! Any show that was going on that we wanted to go to, we got tickets, regardless of demand. The stories and memories we have are incredible and will make me smile until the day I die <3 They were my chosen sisters. Although we may not speak every day now, in my heart they will always be my girls :)

These days, I find myself in a new group of incredible gals. We understand each other and can relate. We are all mothers to incredible, funny, and beautiful children that struggle with autism. A sorority I didn't have to pledge, but the hazing comes after the fact. A sisterhood of Mothers that are the strongest bunch of gals I have ever met. Who else can you talk to about poop consistency, meltdowns, and stim sessions? We all have stories that are so different, but the same. We are each other's sounding board, resource center, therapist, and comic relief. These ladies are all so important to me and keep me going. This is not what any of us dreamed Motherhood would be, but I must say I think we are doing a pretty incredible job given the circumstances...Head Up, My Sistas :)

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  1. What an awsome testimonial to the resilance and love of a fantastic group of ladies!