Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free, Money Free...

I think it is such a shame that to eat healthy, you have to sell your kidney!

I just got back from my weekly trip to Nutrition Smart (my local health food store) and once again have sticker shock. Four bags of stuff is over $200 bucks! Thank God the lady at the register knows me and slips me coupons now and then. The Autism Moms alone that shop there are probably keeping the place open! Granted, I got some supplements as well but seriously!?!

This is why so many Americans eat sh*t food...it's CHEAP!! GF/CF/SF foods are typically produced in clean, dedicated factories to be sure there is not cross contamination with potential allergens. I understand it costs more to produce and manufacture, but I see how people simply choose to shop at Wally World (Walmart). Mass produced food is cheaper and in this economy, every penny counts. I am just starting to get my whopping $204/week unemployment so thank goodness for Visa cards.

I know what my seasoned GF/CF/SF friends are saying..."You have to cook from scratch, it's cheaper" Tried that...no good. My boys have a very selective pallet to say the least. If it isn't the "Fab Five" of food selections, we have a hunger strike on our hands. I love when people say, "When he is hungry enough, he will eat it." Not some kids, I'll tell you that! I have decided to pick my battles and simply make the "Fab Five" GF/CF.

You have to know that I am a die hard foodie! I eat any fruit and vegetable (except water chestnuts...tastes like a raw potato). I love to cook and ran a restaurant for two years. Customers were so sad when they heard I was moving because they would miss my food. Such a twist of fate that I have two kids that are so averse to most foods.

Owen is a tad bit more adventurous, but still limited. Jack, on the other hand, has such sensory issues with food that he will gag at the site of some things. He has even gone so far as to puke where he stood when he saw me eating nachos with sour cream. Now, I have a weak stomach but this guy takes the cake!!

So that being said, I will continue to do my weekly Nutrition Smart runs, selling blood if I have to in order to pay for it. To those who are not trying the diet due to cost, you have to do it! What if it works for your child? Isn't it worth your last penny if it makes these kids feel better? Whatever it takes, right folks :)


  1. i am struggling very hard wtih the "whatever it takes" idea right now. that's my take and my kid is practically indistinguishable. then i have friends that half ass it, go on trips, are lazy about biomed and AS MUCH AS I HATE TO JUDGE i am having a hard time not getting upset for the kids.
    i struggle with it everyday.

  2. First off, I HATE HATE HATE water chestnuts! Secondly, I get the whole, cook from scratch thing. The reason I didn't go on the diet was because I was afraid we couldn't afford it. When we went to Melbourne, I couldn't believe the differences in prices for the gf foods at the store there. Even WF's is over priced, but it was 2-3 bucks more at their health food stores. I have begun to subscribe to orders on AMAZON. You can set the time between automatic shipments, to 1 month, 2 months, etc, cancel with no termination fees, anytime, delay shipments, whatever. It is still cheaper for many of the kinnikinick foods. We spend a fortune on organic fruits and veggies. My husband came around and finally agreed, either we spend the money on food, or we spend it on health care in the future. He still won't watch Food Inc.

  3. Amen Girlfriend...we take that weekly trip as well, sometimes twice a week, never get out of there cheap, and now that I have another one starting to eat the same diet because whats fair for one is for the another (even though shes quite typical, I will be right there with you girl! And yes the diet is a must, mine is also corn free which complicates it even more, but after two and a half years its just a way of life!