Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Doctor you can trust and gives you hope?? What a novel concept...

For the majority of my life, I have always trusted dctors. That's what you do, right? They know best and are there to help and heal you. Take this pill, have that shot...Doctor's Orders. Boy, I was naive...

I knew something was going on with Jack long before his official diagnosis (like the majority of Moms I talk to). He projectile vomited, had weird sores, thrush, and was given antibiotics on a bunch of occasions. He did this thing we called "Box Mouth"...hard to describe but I realize now they were mini seizures. Whatever the pediatrician (we will call him Dr. Soprano) reccommended, I did because I actually liked him, I trusted him. Mind you, I had absolutely no idea at all about a vaccine/autism link. I had no clue what Thimeresol was...none of it! If I knew a sliver of what I know now back then...shoulda coulda woulda...

Anyway, one day I flat out ask Dr Soprano if he thinks Jack had autism. He was developing on point but the words were not coming. He stood there in his cabanna shirt with his hair slicked back, big smirk on his fat face and said, "Look at this kid? Does he look at you? Does he hug you? Does he know his name? This kid is fine! Boys talk late". He basically chalked it up to another case of NMS (Neurotic Mother Syndrome). WHEW!! That was a relief. If the Doc says he is fine, he must be fine. I countinued to hold him down for those fucking shots, once doubling up on a dose to "keep him on schedule". Thanks Dr Dickhead! I often think about the other mothers that came and went through his office he diagnosed with NMS.

Anyway, about the time that Jack was waiting for an official diagnosis, Jenny McCarthy's book came out. I devoured it in one sitting...sobbing at points, yelling at others. I had no clue about any of this shit!

I lost faith in doctors, most of them anyway. At any point that I brought up biomedical treatments or possible gut links I would get the fish know the one. You can read it on their faces..."Oh No, not another quack Mom who thinks the diet will work". I wanna smack that look right off their faces when I get it.

Recently I was introduced to The Brain Training Center. Dr. Lisa Rankin and Dr. Marty Rukeyser have brough a new spark of hope back. Dr Rankin is a fellow autism mom and believes in biomedical treatments as well as Hemispheric Integration. Put it this way, I brought up Glutathione to her and she was like, "I was just going to mention that to you!"....WHAT??? No fish eye??? A doctor that is on the same page??? SERIOUSLY!!! She answers emails on vacation, listens, is willing to try whatever will work for the individual child...SO REFRESHING!

I leave that office after sessions (we go twice a week) feeling good, rejuvenated, hopeful. The boys LOVE it and actually ask to see Dr Marty and Dr Rankin! You know they are good if the kids want to go ;) It feels so good to have these folks on our team and I am looking forward to great things in our future. Thank You BTC :)


  1. You know many years ago I saw a shrink (no suprise there). I was having issues dealing with the death of my mom, best friend and the ending of a family relationship with my brother, The shrink told me to write everything I was feeling down. This of course was BB (Before Blogging) I think that what you are doing is wonderful and if others read it and they see that someone else may feel like they do or are going through what they are going through, you will all give each other a little solice. You Autism Moms rock, and in my absence the fact that you have a great support system means everything. You are an AWSOME mom and make me proud every day XO

  2. I have learned the hard way too....ALWAYS trust my mother instincts....might have been able to help my son alot earlier on if I had!!! I once asked my pediatrician on top off all the other stuff that I was mentioning that my son was very anxious...and he asked my son, do you worry alot? and my son (at age 7) said "all the time". So, doctor told me that if it is not keeping him up at night, nothing to worry is normal for some kids to worry. Needless to say, I got wise and pursued other avenues and he was finally diagnosed ASD, Anxiety and ADHD (which I think are natural trailers to ASD)...of course I changed doctors! Also learned not to trust the schools but that is another story altogether!