Friday, April 1, 2011

April is Autism ACTION Month....Please Read

Here we are again in April. Are you aware of Autism??? If you aren't, please pull your head out of your ass! We are in the midst of a global pandemic, losing a generation of children to a devastating disability, and the numbers are only going up.

Perhaps you are aware, but do you really KNOW Autism? It's not pretty. It's not a fucking gift. It's horrendous, and it's coming soon to a family near you. My friends and family that live it every fucking day KNOW Autism. We fight for our kids with every breath....

So with this, I have declared April Autism ACTION Month. I ask everyone that reads this to get the word out to your friends that don't live it and ask to write your government representatives demanding that more attention and funding go to Autism. Not only for real studies and research (still looking for the elusive Autism gene, aren't they??) but for real help NOW! Stop cutting and start funding services for children and adults living with this. Start mandating ALL insurance companies to cover ALL therapies and treatments, including biomedical interventions such as supplementation, help with special diets, HBOT, and IVIG, and preventing wandering, which most often, kills children with Autism. Flood their mailboxes, inboxes, and voice mails. America has forgotten the they work for us.....

You see, I am very aware of Autism. If you know me, you are too. The problem is the Powers That Be are not apparently not very aware.....they need to wake the fuck up. Let's shove some awareness in their faces and demand they take action.

The future of our country and our children depend on it.....


  1. YEAH!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Ugh. "Autism Awareness Month, Aware-this, Aware-that..." Like you said, KP..I am way too fucking AWARE. I'm in a phone-calling, letter-writing mode today.
    Autism Action Month. Fuck yeah. Thank you, KP.

  2. LOL Are you my twin soul??? LMAO!!! SING IT SISTER!

    Here is what I wrote on the topic in the past day: