Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So…who cares?
It is a harsh but true statement. No one gives a shit about children with Autism. No one with any power, anyway. States are slashing funding for services at a rapid pace. “Advocacy” groups that are supposed to help are doing nothing but cashing checks and spending money on astronomical salaries and expensive office buildings. Doctors and researchers that are trying to get to the bottom of the issue and truly HELP these kids are being slandered and hung out to dry to make a point….bang the drum and don’t step out of line. Look what happens to you when you do. Insurance companies won’t pay for necessary therapies or labs looking at the underlying medical conditions that exist in these children. These kids are sick, and no one is doing a thing about it. No one gives a shit.
Now, the Supreme Court has ruled in a 6 to 2 decision that Big pHARMa has absolutely no liability for adverse reactions to vaccines, and can’t be sued outside of the Vaccine Court. Mind you, the vaccine court is funded by a 0.75 cents tax on each individual vaccine sold. The taxpayers of this country fund it…not a dime from the vaccine industry. So, vaccine makers have absolutely no responsibility. How much do you think they will spend on safety tests, research, and good science since they have a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card with no expiration date on it?? My guess…not so much considering they didn’t do it before.
If the Supreme Court decided Toyota had no liability for their vehicle safety and folks were getting in horrible crashes, being disabled for life needing tons of therapy that is not covered by insurance, would you buy a Toyota?? Think about it….
It’s a crazy fucking world when you have more recourse if you are hurt when a microwave explodes than if you are hurt from getting a shot.
You see, the FDA doesn’t test all drugs and vaccines on the market. “FDA Approved” means nothing. Drug companies fund much of their own research with high paid scientists and present the findings to the FDA for approval.
They force you to vaccinate with crap that isn’t tested with unbiased science, don’t let you hold Pharma liable if something happens, and then won’t pay for the treatments they need because of the damage. And please know…it’s not only about Autism. ANY adverse effects to ANYONE. A flu shot. The Gardasil they are pushing on preteen girls AND BOYS, the chicken pox booster your kid gets…not of it. You are shit outta luck. Buyer Beware.
You see, this head in the sand shit isn’t working. The tsunami is coming. The first wave of the children living with autism is aging out and headed for society…a society ill equipped to care for them. And this is only the first wave. What do you think is going to happen when the kids today (1 in 91) turn 18??? Where will they go? Who will care for them after we are gone? If no one cares about them when they are sweet, innocent children who is gonna give a crap about them when they are adults?? The world better get in the fucking game, because it’s coming….
But you see, the powers that be don’t realize some very important things while declaring this war against people with Autism and related disabilities. They can’t fight for themselves, so the parents have to. We are Warriors. We are tenacious. We are fucking furious. We are strong. We are united. We will fight to the death for our kids. We don’t take no for an answer. We are growing in numbers. We battle autism every damn day. We DO have a voice, and the folks in charge WILL hear it. And if they aren’t listening, we’ll scream louder.

In the words of The Good Dr. Andrew Wakefield, “These children aren’t going away. Their parents aren’t going away. And I’m not going away.”

How long can you ignore the big pink elephant in the room?? Because he’s getting really pissed and is about to start trashing the joint…..


  1. Epic blog my friend and truer words never spoken.

  2. I love you, KP... and you are right, my love. The old adage holds true: No one gives a shit until it happens to THEM. As close as the 60's the belief was held that cigarettes were "just fine!" and that those who claimed it caused their lung cancers were "foolish" or "looking for someone to blame." This is what WE parents of vaccine-injured children face EVERY DAY... and we are having to fight a much larger battle. The United States Government and all of its minions, the CDC, the FDA..big Pharma. There will be a day of awakening.. one day it's going to happen. I fear that by then, however.. it will be too late. With 1 out of less than 100 children now with a diagnosis of either autism, adhd, spd, apd and so many more.. in ten years, then what? THEN WHAT? My heart weeps at this thought. Weeps.

  3. Mine is at the top of the wave. 1992. We are coming.

  4. WOW I absolutely love the fact that you are so outspoken and I agree with you 100% I couldn't have said it better myself. My daughter is autistic as well as my nephew and nothing pisses me off more than the assholes out there who are trying to ignore the us just because it doesn't affect them but obviously they don't realize that we are parents who are pissed off we will be heard and we are not going to stop until they get off their asses and start making changes to help our kids